In order for a volunteer to be granted access to the PMI-MN volunteer pages and systems they must first:

  1. Be a current PMI-MN Member
  2. Have applied for, been offered, and accepted a PMI-MN Volunteer position as offered by a PMI-MN committee chair or by the PMI-MN board.
  3. Have completed and submitted the PMI-MN Volunteer Agreement form located on via the Members Only dropdown. Click this link for Instructions for completing the Volunteer Agreement.

IT Admins complete volunteer setup once a volunteer has accepted a PMI-MN position and has completed the Volunteer Agreement using the New Volunteer Access Setup Checklist (note: login required to access this link).

For additional New Volunteer Onboarding instructions please view this resource: 

Once setup is complete the volunteer is sent a Welcome email with access instructions with CC to the Committee Chair, Volunteer Services Chair, IT Chair, President, President Elect and any other key volunteer (i.e. Project Manager/Lead). The following is an example of the volunteer access instructions sent out by PMI-MN IT Admin. 

Welcome Email and Access Instructions:

Hello New Volunteer
Welcome to your new volunteer role with the PMI Minnesota Chapter! We are excited to have you on board!

Position Title:  

You have been granted volunteer level access to the following 3 sites:

  1. PMI MN SharePoint ( which houses the PMI Minnesota Chapter documents. Your team subsite can be navigated to by clicking on the Committe name in the top banner at the top of the page.
  2. PMI-MN Website – your user has been upgraded to volunteer level access (
  3. PMI-MN Volunteer Portal access ( which houses the following:
    • Volunteer Reporting system. Please remember to report your volunteer hours at least once a month. You can use the Volunteer Hours toward purchasing PMI-MN Dinner or Breakfast events. Each volunteer hour provides you with $1 credit to be used toward PMI-MN events. 
    • Knowledge Base with several self-paced training tutorials and general resources for volunteers
Self Onboarding: Please check out the Portal Knowledge base at Volunteer FAQs via the following link which lists a wealth of volunteer resources to help get you started:
You may wish to get started with the following three articles:
You will have received the following 2 separate emails earlier today:
  1. PMI-MN Portal invitation
  2. SharePoint Office 365 username and password which you can use to login both to SharePoint and to the Portal once you accept your initial Portal invitation. I have copy/pasted your username and password here for convenience.
    • O365 UserID is
    • Temporary Password: __________ (you will need to create a new password upon first login)

For any questions, please feel free to reach me if you would like me to provide you an overview of PMI Minnesota SharePoint and Website.

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(p) 651.917.6246 • (f) 952.929.1318 •