Welcome to the amazing group of professionals volunteering with PMI-MN. We are excited to have you join our team.

The following list is intended to help you orient yourself to PMI-MN so as to better jump into your new role. Volunteers are expected to be self-starters, so ask questions and do research and contact your committee for direction. Your committee chair is your key resource. Be sure to take advantage of networking opportunities to collaborate with other volunteers. ​​

  1. Take a minute to inform yourself about our chapter.  ​
  2. Log into to start. (You probably already have as you have already filled a volunteer agreement.) ​
  3. Familiarize yourself with the various forms under the Members Only dropdown as this is how many things get accomplished.   ​
  4. Check out the About Us dropdown and click Operations Committee.  Here you can find the chairs of the volunteer groups.  Feel free to give one or more a note about your intentions as a volunteer.​
  5. Remember to enter your volunteer hours in the dropdown Members Only.  Please try to do this at least once a month. ​Important note: Each volunteer hour is good towards $1 of qualified PMI-MN events such as chapter breakfasts and dinners.
  6. If you have applied directly through the VRMS system you will already know who the chair of your group is, and you will already have a general idea about the position.  Please feel free to ask your chair any questions or you can ask the Volunteer Chair if you are not getting a quick response. ​
  7. We have paid services (Harrington).  Speak with your chair for best practices on when and how to leverage Harrington's paid services. 
  8. The PMI phone number and mailing address is at the bottom of the website (
  9. If you need access to SharePoint be sure to let your chair know this.  If you applied for the position through VRMS, you most likely do need access to SharePoint.  The SharePoint link is also included in the main page via the Members Only dropdown. The direct link is provided below

Once again, Welcome!  Nothing gets done until a volunteer does it! ​