To renew both and PMI Minnesota Chapter memberships follow the instructions in this tutorial.  Note if you only need to add your Chapter Membership and do not need to renew your global membership simply go to the following link and add the PMI-MN Chapter to your cart by clicking "Join Chapter". 

For optimum tutorial experience view in full screen.

Step 1: The first step is to open PMI | Project Management Institute and login via

Step 1 image

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password and click Log In

Step 2 image

Step 3: Click My PMI and select Dashboard

Step 3 image

Step 4: Click Renew your membership

Note: You can also navigate to membership and renewal options via the Profile tab.

Step 4 image

Step 5: To navigate to renewal options via the Profile tab click Profile, click Membership Automatic Renewal and then click the Renew Now link. 

Note: If your renewal date is greater than 3 months away you can turn on Auto Renewal to renew.

Step 5 image

Step 6: Enter your Address information

Step 6 image

Step 7: Click Continue

Step 7 image

Step 8: The Minnesota Chapter Membership will be added to your cart. 

Step 8 image

Step 9: To opt in to the PMI Minnesota Chapter Directory click the Allow box.

Step 9 image

Step 10: Click Continue

Step 10 image

Step 11: Review your Order Summary. In this example the member is renewing both PMI Global and PMI Minnesota Chapter memberships.

Step 11 image

Step 12: Enter your Billing Information. If Same as Home Address click the box.

Step 12 image

Step 13: Click Continue

Step 13 image

Step 14: Enter your Payment Information and click continue.

Step 14 image

Step 15: Click PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to download and read.

Step 15 image

Step 16: Read the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct policy. Scroll down to view video and/or download the code.

Step 16 image

Step 17: Click Play to watch the video

Step 17 image

Step 18: Click Download to save a copy of the code (recommended).

Step 18 image

Step 19: Click PMI Conflict Resolution Procedures to read and download a copy of the procedures. 

Step 19 image

Step 20: Click the I agree box

Step 20 image

Step 21: Click Complete Purchase

Step 21 image

Step 22: Congratulations! Thank you for renewing your membership! 


Step 22 image

Step 23: Scroll down on the page to navigate to additional resources.

Step 23 image

Step 24: The Minnesota Chapter link will redirect you to to the PMI Minnesota Chapter website via,

Step 24 image

Step 25: Directly from the confirmation page you can click Membership Automatic Renewal to turn on auto renew and avoid future membership expiration.


Step 25 image

Step 26: You will be redirected to your Profile tab in the Membership Automatic Renewal options. 

Step 26 image

Step 27: Click TURN ON

Step 27 image

Step 28: Auto renewal will now be turned on. Click Close.

Note: If no card is on file you will be led through setting one up.

Step 28 image

Step 29: Click Dashboard

Step 29 image

Step 30: You can explore volunteer opportunities directly from you PMI dashboard by clicking Find an opportunity

Step 30 image

Step 31: You will be redirected to the PMI Global volunteer relationship management system (VRMS).

For instructions on how to find Minnesota chapter opportunities see this tutorial: Find PMI-MN Volunteer Opportunities

Step 31 image

Step 32: You can navigate to the PMI Minnesota Chapter website by clicking Minnesota Chapter from your dashboard

Step 32 image

Step 33: You will be redirected to the PMI Minnesota Chapter website at

Step 33 image

Step 34: Click the Join Us tab to see a variety of Membership related resource pages such as Membership Benefits, Become a Chapter Volunteer, and
Member FAQs

Step 34 image

Step 35: Click Login to see the Members Only dropdown tab.

Step 35 image

Step 36: Enter your login credentials. If you need help resetting your password click this tutorial link for instructions:

Login and Reset Password

Step 36 image

Step 37: Click Members Only

Step 37 image

Step 38: Click Member Services

Step 38 image

Step 39: Explore the links to search for Jobs, register for Webinars, or manage volunteer reporting and access volunteer resources.

Step 39 image

Step 40: Click Members Only

Step 40 image

Step 41: Click the Members Only dropdown and select Members FAQ to be redirected the PMI Minnesota Customer Portal where you will find helpful resources and answers to frequently asked questions

Step 41 image

Step 42: You will be taken to the Member FAQs located on the PMI-MN Customer Portal. This page includes a growling list of member resources. Check back as this resource list will continue to grow!

Step 42 image

Step 43: To return to our main chapter website click the PMI-MN logo at the top of the page or enter the url 

Step 43 image

Step 44: Be sure to check out our PMI-MN Events

Step 44 image

Step 45: Past Webinars are available OnDemand but we also have Live Stream opportunities if you'd like to attend any of our events right from your home computer or device! 

Step 45 image

Step 46: Click Calendar to see a calendar view of all events. If you are looking ahead into the future check back often as we continue to add new offerings.

Step 46 image

Step 47: We'd love to see you at one of our Chapter Breakfasts or Dinners! To register simply click the link.

Step 47 image

Step 48: Select the Attendance Type and add it to your cart to check out. Note: PMI-MN Chapter Volunteers can apply volunteer hours towards the purchase of chapter events!

Step 48 image

Step 49: One of the greatest ways to realize your membership benefits is to Become a Chapter Volunteer! The benefits of volunteering are many and we would love to have you join one of our amazing teams of professionals! 

Step 49 image

Step 50: Read through the list of benefits or click Volunteer Sign-Up to be taken directly to the PMI VRMS system and start searching opportunities!


Step 50 image

Step 51: Use your (PMI Global) username and password to login to VRMS. For a tutorial on how to find PMI-MN opportunities on VRMS click this link:

How to Find PMI-MN Volunteer Opportunities

Step 51 image

Step 52: This concludes our overview of how to renew your PMI-MN Membership including navigating membership opportunities. Thank you for being a member of our chapter! We're thrilled to have you and hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming Chapter events!

Step 52 image

Step 53: Click highlight

Step 53 image

Step 54: Click Join Us

Step 54 image

Step 55: Click Join Us

Step 55 image

Step 56: Click highlight

Step 56 image

Step 57: Click Events

Step 57 image

Step 58: Click highlight

Step 58 image

Step 59: Click highlight

Step 59 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners