A Volunteer with The Chapter MUST be a member to volunteer per our Policy Manual.  There is no exception to this requirement as there is too much proprietary information volunteers have access to.  The Volunteer must sign a Volunteer Agreement before being given access to SharePoint or any PMI-MN chapter information.

      The following is taken from the Minnesota Chapter Of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Chapter Operations Policy Manual Version 4.0

      7.1 Policy

      Volunteers are subject to the same IRS income guidelines as other contracted services. If volunteers exceed the IRS income limit, the chapter will issue a 1099 to the volunteer.

      A volunteer must:

      1. Be a member of the Minnesota Chapter in good standing as reported by PMI
      2. Comply with the PMI Ethics policy
      3. Have signed a PMI-MN Volunteer Agreement
      4. Report volunteer hours on a monthly basis

      Volunteer Services committee will be responsible for onboarding and recognition of volunteers.

      • Will report up thru a committee
      • Can be a short term or year long commitment
      • Brought on via VRMS

      To view the PMI-MN Policy Manual please visit the following link: