This tutorial provides instructions on how to view the tutorials embedded in PMI-MN knowledge base articles. To begin viewing the tutorial it is recommended to view in full screen by clicking the full screen icon from the lower right corner.


The first step is to open <span class="">a Knowledge Base article by clicking on the <i><b>link</b></i></span>

If the article has a tutorial embedded, click the <i><b>full screen icon</b></i> in the lower right corner to view.<br><br>The tutorials can be viewed in 3 ways: <b><i>Try It</i></b>, <b><i>View It</i></b>, or <b><i>Download in PDF</i></b>

To view a list of steps click&nbsp;<b><i>View It</i></b>

To view in full screen click the <i><b>full screen icon</b></i> from the lower right corner

Click <span class=""><i><b>the globe&nbsp;</b></i><b></b>icon to select a different language</span>

To view the tutorial by trying the steps click the&nbsp;<i><b>"Try It"&nbsp;</b></i>icon from the bottom menu<br>

To save as PDF click the&nbsp;<i><b>PDF icon</b></i>&nbsp;from the bottom menu<br>

Choose either <i><b>Portrait </b></i>or <i><b>Landscape</b></i>.<br><br>Note: Landscape will include full screen print and be easier to follow as a reference as demonstrated in the following slides.

Click <span class="component"><i><b>Portrait Cropped images</b></i></span>

Save the file to desired location and open. The <i><b>Portrait/Cropped images</b></i> appear as in this example.&nbsp;

For full screen prints, click <span class=""><i><b>Landscape Full images</b></i></span>

Your PDF will appear as in this example with full screen prints.

Although most tutorials can be easily bookmarked online for frequent reference, a downloaded PDF in Landscape will be more ideal for longer, more in depth reference aids.<br>