The following tutorial provides an overview of how to accept an invitation to the PMI-MN Volunteer Portal and successfully login and update your profile.

Note: Once you have accepted your invitation to the portal you can associate your username and password to login via AZURE. For instructions on how to login to the CRM Portal using your SharePoint login credentials follow this tutorial link


The first step is to open your invite email and click the link

<span><i><b><br><br></b></i><b>IMPORTANT</b>: Leave the "I have an existing account" <b><i>UNCHECKED</i></b><i><b><br></b></i></span>

The browser window will open to the Redeem Invitation tab and the Invitation Code will self populate.<br>Click <span><i><b>Register<br><br></b></i><b>IMPORTANT</b>: Do NOT check the "I have an existing account"<i><b><br></b></i></span>

Your email address will auto populate.&nbsp; Enter a Username and Password&nbsp;<br><br>Click <b><i>Register</i></b>

Click <span class="component"><i><b> Confirm Email </b></i></span>

Check your email for the email confirmation communication from PMI-MN IT<br><br>Click <span class=""><i><b>Complete Registration</b></i> or copy/paste URL in your browser<i><b><br></b></i></span>

You will be taken back to your profile page where the status will show "Your email has been confirmed successfully".<br><br>You may now proceed in using your portal access.

Scroll through the "Your Information" section to update your details and contact preferences.

When you have completed your updates click <span class=""><i><b>Update</b></i></span>

You will now see the message "Your profile has been updated successfully".